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Diversity and Inclusion Survey

We’re bringing you one of the most powerful, anonymous, GDPR-compliant easy to use diversity and inclusion survey platforms. 

  • Choose from over 50 expert approved questions; all completely customisable.
  • Get interactive charts automatically highlight opportunities to measurably improve DEI.
  • Gain insights into workplace Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Bias and Belonging.
  • Make measurable change.  


How it works

Sign up and get actionable DEI insights in 3 easy steps.

01 Customise your survey

Choose from over 50 questions that address Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Bias.

All questions have been vetted by DEI experts: ensuring accuracy and avoiding offensive categorisations. DEI is a dynamic space, so our questions are constantly evolving. Built-in versioning ensures we can always update to the latest set.

Every question can be completely customised, and we can add your own using our easy-to-use survey builder which is hosted using the Divrsity platform.

02 Launch the survey

Once your survey is ready, all we need to do is press the “launch” button to send it out to your organisation.

We’re obsessive about protecting participant anonymity, so although you can track survey completion rates in real-time, see e-mail bounces and check the number of (configurable) reminder e-mails sent,  we can take the hassle out of your hands here too.

03 Analyse the results

Our interactive charts allow you to view Diversity and Inclusion through multiple lenses and automatically highlight opportunities to improve Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Bias, and Belonging. 

We can also use these insights to help you create DEI Strategies, roadmaps and action plans that make meaningful and measurable improvements to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Bias.

Our Pricing

£995.00 per survey
£795.00 per survey
  • Up to 250 survey participants
  • >50 template questions & lenses
  • Add unlimited questions & lenses
  • Secure & anonymous
  • Credit/debit card or invoice payment options available 
  • Comprehensive E-mail support
£1695.00 per survey
£1,295.00 per survey
  • Up to 2000 survey participants
  • Plus all the features of SME

For  more than 2000 survey participants, or to pay by invoice, please contact us.

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  • Unlimited survey recipients
  • Plus all the features of SME

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