Emotional Intelligence

To achieve sustainable improvement in behaviour, it is essential to adopt emotionally intelligent attitudes.

Emotional intelligence (Ei) is how a person manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. It’s the missing link that turns individual personality into effective performance. We use the EiP3 – Emotional Intelligence Profile and framework (created by JCA Global – a PSI company) as part of a structured programme to enable individuals, teams and organisations to enhance their performance.

How it works?

The emotional intelligence framework is made up of different parts that are underpinned by our ‘Attitudes’, that fuel our ‘Feelings’ and drive our ‘Behaviour’.

The key to developing Ei is to notice feelings and signs of stress early. By being more aware of our emotions and the emotions of others, we will be able to spend more time feeling energised and renewed. Higher Ei leads to effective leadership behaviour, which creates a positive organisational climate that produces business results.

Individuals can use the framework to review which of these are their relative strengths and which are areas they may wish to develop further. This is achieved through the habitual practice of thinking about feeling and feeling about thinking to guide their behaviour, the extent and effectiveness by which we do this is determined largely by our attitudes.

Why is Ei so important in the workplace?

In today’s workplace the need for Ei is more important than ever and is considered as ‘important’ or ‘crucial’ to meeting business needs. Research also shows that Ei is clearly related to key outcomes that help people thrive in their workplace and career.

People higher in Ei demonstrate:

• Higher job performance
• Greater job satisfaction
• More organisational commitment
• Better psychological well-being
• Better physical health
• Positive leadership impact

Not only does Ei predict job performance, we also know that it can be improved through practise. The EiP3 profile is a developmental tool that can be used to enhance the performance of individuals and leaders and will help you to:

Create an open, collaborative and trust-based environment

Build an emotionally resilient workforce

Improve employee engagement

Develop a sustainable high-performance culture

Focus talent development on the leadership qualities that are critical for future success

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