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The Insights Discovery tool introduces a colourful common language that enables individuals, teams and leaders to discuss and explore the differences between themselves and others in a neutral and positive way.  It helps them understand why people may think, feel and respond differently to the same situations and circumstances.  

You can use Insights Discovery with all levels and types of team, wherever individual behaviours and team dynamics make an important difference to business performance. Typically, we’ll lead with individual personal profiling along with an exploration session, followed by a team session designed to improve team relationships and effectiveness.

How it works?

Every journey begins with a discovery profile and an exploration of your energy preferences. From there, you can choose any number of learning interventions to suit your needs. Here are some of the most popular workshops that we offer, these can be facilitated either face to face or as virtual solutions.

Personal profile

Team effectiveness

Transformational leadership

Discovery full circle

Working with us

Here’s a photo snapshot of what Discovery Insights look like and what it feels like to work with Starling.

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