Organisation Development

In today’s world most organisations face rapid change continuously so, the ability to lead and deliver change successfully to meet the needs of all your stakeholders is very important. We can support this by providing programme and project management for all areas of organisation development and where necessary, assemble a flexible team that we refer to as the ‘O.D. Squad’ to bring additional expertise in at the right time and deliver with pace.

The case for a clear organisation
development ‘playbook’

We believe it’s important to avoid lengthy, costly and time consuming ‘process mapping’ exercises and meetings so to ensure we get the best return on your investment we begin with an appreciative enquiry. Our way of working is based on the experience that you must ‘embed change, through co-creation’ because it taps into people’s insight and creativity, builds commitment and considers the complexity of roles of those involved in delivering results.

To do this we’ll help you create a solid strategy which has a clear purpose and vision at its core. This allows you to create organisational clarity on what you do, considers the values, behaviours and culture you need, identifies the priorities, articulates how you will succeed and how to measure it – we refer to this as a ‘playbook’.  This becomes the review and reference tool that is integrated into all communications, key decisions and people activities.

Our commitment is that we will leave your teams fully skilled, with a ‘playbook’, to continue to embed the change effectively.

Working in partnership with you, we use our playbook to:

Define a roadmap

Design frameworks

Develop your people

Support your leaders

Deliver measurable change

Introduce a high performing culture

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